Hello, thanks for visiting my website. 

When I was little I loved to lie in the garden, with my nose in the grass watching the ants, or gazing up at the clouds. I also loved my weekly still-life lessons and poking around in bead shops for things that sparkled. Somewhere on the road to adulthood I took a diversion and a number of jobs over the years, from acting to TV research and I spent more than 10 years as a subeditor at The Sunday Times.

After having my two children I realised it was time to prioritise and follow my heart. I've been painting, printing and making jewellery with gusto ever since. I'm back to doing the things I love and it's like coming home.

In 2012 I took a silver clay workshop with the lovely Emma Mitchell, and was hooked on its alchemical magic. After experimenting for a while with silver clay I wanted to learn more traditional methods and took a beginner's silversmithing class followed by a diploma in contemporary jewellery design at Vannetta Seecharran's School of Jewellery in Clerkenwell, taught by Katrin Spranger, who now runs K2 Jewellery Academy. In the meantime, I have discovered that my distant relatives were silversmiths by trade. Richard Vanderpump was a former Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths Company and director of CJVander, a firm of silversmiths established by Cornelius Joshua Vanderpump in 1886. I feel like I've joined the family business at last. 

I live in North London with my husband, two children, two cats and a Tibetan Terrier. I can mostly be found soldering or wax carving in my garden studio. My designs tend to be organic and simple and I do my best to use recycled silver, eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials. I'd love to hear what you think so feel free to drop me a line on info@sallyvanderpump.com or via social media or call me on (+44) 07958 441 666.