Portrait by Henrietta Photography  www.henriettaphotography.com

Portrait by Henrietta Photography www.henriettaphotography.com


I love surprises. I like to set the stage for something to happen and improvise with the results. My Radiance collection was inspired by the beauty of the sky and made by casting molten silver into ice, salt and chickpeas. I love the unexpected organic results. With a background in and a passion for the theatre, I am currently working on a new collection, "For Daws to Peck At", inspired by language of the heart in Shakespeare. Constantly curious about exploring new materials, I am experimenting with glass wax and sculptural materials. I want to make pieces that connect to the wearer on an emotional level. Please join my mailing list if you're intrigued and would like to know more.

I work in my garden studio in North London. I do my best to use recycled silver, eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials. Feel free to drop me a line on info@sallyvanderpump.com or via social media or call me on (+44) 07958 441 666.